Questions About Men And Women, Family, And Kabbalah Studies

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the majority of the men in a group (virtual group in this case) are not married, then is it even possible for such men to feel the desire of the women in the group? Are they even capable of feeling us? If it feels like there is no desire on the part of the men to listen to the women’s concerns, is this a failure on the part of the women?

Answer: It is desirable to eliminate this shortcoming as soon as possible.

Question: My husband and I are studying Kabbalah through the Internet for about two years. He can’t attend the lessons daily because of his work. We are having problems between us more and more often. He is angry and blames me and our daughter about everything he thinks is not right. My question is: How should I manage this attitude? I understand that everything happens because the “cloud” of bestowal is coming closer, but what should I do? I don’t want to get divorced.

Answer: Make an agreement with him that you both try to play the spiritual world, deliberately.

Question: How can I create a good environment if I’m under the bad influence of my family and cultural habits?

Answer: The right environment should be created precisely in such bad environment, and it should raise you toward good and bestowal by itself, without your own efforts.

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