Less Talk, More Circulation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: This weekend our friends all over the world will go out to the streets to distribute materials to millions of people. How can we prepare for this internally?

Answer: First of all, we should understand that everything that is happening in the world is happening for us. We must see the Creator’s guiding hand in every action. He gives us a chance to perform corrections in the light of external activities of different organizations, the intentions of which aren’t always the purest.

One of the major principles of our development is “it swallowed abundance and spew it out.” We constantly get zero results, as if pressing the gas pedal to the floor while in neutral gear. The Sitra Achra (the other, impure side) seems to swallow all our work, preparing itself to control and to rule. Eventually, however, it spews out everything it has swallowed. Everything that has accumulated in it suddenly comes back to us.

This is because we don’t have the vessels to accumulate all our efforts, to “store” the results of our activity in the world. Millions of newspapers, lots of books, the Internet, television—everything seems to be going into a bottomless pit. But later we will get it back, according to the rule of “it swallowed abundance and spew it out.”

Even today different forces in the world, with greater and lesser degrees of purity, offer us an opportunity for dissemination. We don’t have to take them into account, but rather we continue our own way, without developing any relationships with them. We are only in contact with people who are pushed out of their homes by these forces. They take part in the demonstrations chanting slogans, and in the meantime we give out our materials in silence.

Our materials will do their work. This is because in every leaflet that we give people there is a connection with the Light. The Light will flow through the letters we printed and will do their job.

We can already see the results all over the world. Our friends are amazed by how quickly people connect to our message and are ready for more. Even professors come with their students to study this phenomenon that contradicts common knowledge.

So we only have to prepare lots of materials that convey our message and to talk less, especially outside Israel, where our forces are limited. Baal HaSulam says that it is even possible to hire people to advertise our message of unity, but the content must always be ours.

All our friends must go out to the streets tomorrow. It is this kind of work that can truly connect us. This is a great opportunity for all of us. No one should stay home. There are people who haven’t been coming to the group for years because they aren’t happy with it. But now is not the time for hard feelings.

If you really want to advance towards the goal, if your spiritual life is more important to you than your pride, step on your pride and come. Start connecting with others for this cause. Take a pile of flyers and give them out. Even if you go home afterwards without speaking with any of your friends, the external action will have its effect. After all, without connection you won’t reach the goal.

So, we go out to the streets in order to distribute our materials to the masses. Less talk, more circulation of flyers. Now is not the time to talk to people. It’s enough for them to receive leaflets with our Internet address. It is a rare opportunity for us, and we shouldn’t miss it.

Everything will change in the future. We have to find the ways to disseminate our message on the Internet as widely as possible. One way or another, everyone uses the Internet today. Moreover, people gladly leave us their e-mail addresses and even telephone numbers and are ready for further communication. Hence, in the future, the emphasis will shift to virtual space and communication.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/2011, “One Commandment”

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