Instruction On How To Build The World Correctly

Dr. Michael Laitman with studentsDuring the reading of The Zohar, we need to begin to feel the kinds of connections and relationships between us that it talks about. Let’s assume that there exists some kind of hidden form of connection between us, unknown and secretive, but there is no doubt that this connection exists. We want to discover it: Who is connected to who, in what way, in what manner, to what dependency, and how can they influence each other?

The Zohar describes all of these forms of connection, and not only ours, but of the entire world. Now, the world is in a state of confusion, and we don’t know how to find the correct connection between us all or how to behave in the correct way in relation to others. The Zohar describes all that. If we knew and understood the entire system, we could easily organize everything that exists in the world.

Thus, on one hand, The Zohar is being revealed, and on the other, problems appear in the world, which we cannot manage. Problems arise in different forms, different areas of human activities in this world. We need to find the connection between them, to understand exactly what The Zohar is speaking about. Then, according to what is revealed to us from The Zohar, we need to build a corresponding reality in this world. This is called to discover the spiritual world between us.

Let’s suppose that the corrupted and shattered state in which we exist is revealed to us today. The Zohar talks about the corrected states, the very advanced ones that are a few degrees ahead of us. However, in any case, if we want to advance to these states, to correct our present situation even a bit, then that is already a prayer.

We want the same relationships that are described in The Zohar to be revealed to us in place of the broken connection that is being discovered now. This is so because that which was broken was the connection between the parts of the collective soul. This is why we want to correct it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/2011, The Zohar

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