A Question About Kabbalah And Religion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Someone asked where is Jesus in Kabbalah, and the answer came back: “He is absent.” How can Jesus be absent? Kabbalah says that it deals with physical energy, so how can you separate it from the One who generates it? It’s like separating the gas from the car. How can it run without it?

God is the source of all things. In Genesis God spoke: “Let there be light, and there was light.” But isn’t light energy? Then why would God separate Himself from what He created? How can Kabbalah have no relation to religion? Regardless what religion it is, God is the source of all energy, all things in Heaven, on Earth, and beneath it.

Answer: Are you talking about the Creator or man, about what is revealed or what people believe in? I think this is a question of faith, which has nothing to do with science. Do you ask a physicist: “Where is the divine force in your particle accelerator?” Kabbalah talks only about what is revealed to us, people, as we develop within the force of bestowal and love.

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  1. For myself, when I was a kid I asked myself why it is that family around me could believe in Jesus Christ, yet go home and treat their own flesh and blood poorly. And, I would meet people, at the same time who didn’t believe in Jesus yet they chose to not treat their family poorly. Since they didn’t have beliefs in common, and Jesus wasn’t working on some. The only thing they had in common was something internal. Yet, it was beyond religion and it came down to choices, what they told themselves to do to someone else when given the opportunity to be kind or not to someone else. That was what I saw as a kid. You figure out really quickly people are responsible for their own actions and not some outside force, if you study, compare and contrast other people.

  2. Jesus it is present in the Babylonian Talmud – which is on this blog is described as “texts speak about the Creator and the creation”
    Why is this not explained?

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