A Demonstration Of Our Own Ignorance

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Nation”: The reward for intellectual work is higher than for physical work. And the work of quick ones pays more than the work of slower ones. And a single person should receive less than the one who has a family. Yet, the time for the work should be equal for everybody; also the distribution of the fruit of the work should be equal. So, how can we bridge all of those differences?

How can we establish fair distribution if we all are so different? People’s productivity is different. You can’t make the same demands of them and measure their effort according to a unified criteria. It follows that we don’t have any basis, foundation, for building a just society.

We have to explain this to those who call for social justice in the streets. How can there be social justice? How do you measure it if everyone is different by nature, and you don’t have the tool to measure their differences? By nature, we are all diverse; we have no criteria for comparison, which means that we will never achieve fair distribution. One has to be at the level of the Creator in order to divide everything justly.

In fact, what each and every one of us receives today is just distribution. Indeed, what you receive every moment in life actually comes from Him. This is justice; this is what you are entitled to. He allots you an absolutely accurate share.

It is the Creator who gives you all the conditions you live in. Perhaps you disagree with Him and the system, but this is what He gives you and tells you: “Work from this point. According to the qualities of your soul, you have to be precisely in this state. This state is the best for you, and you can advance from this point only. Start working and you will get more. For now, you received all you need in order to advance, fairly and according to all the rules.”

Even Pharaoh admitted that “the Creator is the righteous and Pharaoh is a villain.” Even though you disagree, or are unaware, or are not ready yet, it still is true. How can you start moving? Where do you go? Only towards bestowal!

If you want to advance and change yourself, the environment, the society, and the world, you have to learn from the Creator what it means to be righteous: to relate to everyone and help them achieve fair distribution on greater and greater levels of bestowal. We get fair distribution on every level until the final correction. It is there that fair distribution occurs, and the calculation is very accurate. You cannot ascend the next step on the spiritual ladder before you agree 100% with what happens, meaning before you obtain the vessels of bestowal and agree that this is justice.

So, what are all those demonstrations that call for justice in the streets for? What demands can you bring forward? Improve the environment and the connection between yourselves, and then you’ll rise to a higher level of justice. According to your degree, you are getting what you deserve. A higher level will bring you something else. What will that be? Start bestowing upon each other and you’ll see. The Light is always there. As you rise higher together with the society, you get more. You go lower, you get less.

So, what can you demonstrate? About not knowing what’s going on? Who are you demanding justice from? Everyone is in the same boat. Nothing good will come from that. The revolutions in Egypt and Libya are the best examples of that.

We have to understand that we always are in the corrected system. We can only rise in it towards increasingly exalted states of mutual correction. You exist in the Light of Infinity and receive from it only according to your degree, meaning as much as you can absorb. It fills you; it has everything that you will ever wish for.

So how can you shout that it’s not enough for you? You can get more; you are given this opportunity. Start connecting with others, and the better the connection between us will be, the more we all will receive. We won’t reach happiness without mutual guarantee. No demonstrations or revolutions will help.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/28/2011, “The Nation”

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