A Question On Changing Oneself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know and tried many times: It is impossible for me to change my egoistic being. I want to change, but do not have the power. I know this and Kabbalah says that it is impossible.

What is the next step? Go to Google maps and look up where the Creator is living and travel to Him? Knock on His door and when He opens ask and demand from Him to change my evil inclination for the good?

This drives me “crazy.” Every day I wake up and know it is not in my power to overcome this evil inclination.

Answer: If you are convinced that you are unable to change yourself, it’s a big discovery by itself. But this is not required of you: You specifically have to become convinced that you are incapable of it. By recognizing your inability to change your egoism, you will see that you are governed by the Creator so as to evoke your demand for Him to change you.

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  1. So where is the creator? This sounds hopeless.

  2. To change myself, HOW?

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