The Wind Of Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanI have a positive view of the globalization and integration that are being revealed in our times. Previously the world was driven by an egoistical impetus, which grew inside of us from one generation to the next, from one year to the next. Man developed egoistically, changing society, technologies, his life, and nature. But today this “trend” is coming to an end and now, with the emergence of the new tendency, everything will be different.

Nature has suddenly become closed and has expressed itself as “round,” integral. We won’t change nature any longer, but on the contrary, it is telling us: “Now you have to start changing.” Nature will not change anymore. It has reached the global, integral state. This has become a given, a new, indestructible format, and from now on we have to make ourselves match it.

This process is happening under pressure. Nature is constantly expressing itself as more and more integral, and we must also become more integral in the relationships between us. Otherwise we will have to suffer due to our lack of similarity to it.

For example, nature is showing us warming, and in response, we have to express more warmth. The winds on earth are blowing stronger, and we have to become imbued by “new currents.” It is necessary to have an equivalence of form, an equality of characteristics.

Therefore, shocks will pass over all of human society because whether we want it or not, a global format is “dressing” upon us. And what’s the first thing we are discovering? That our egoism is no longer working. Dictators and stand-alones are losing their power, isolated governments are ineffective, and separated organizations do not achieve results. The only ones making real actions are the people capable of unification.

As a result, power is shifting from separated, single governments to the people, who know how to unite. After all, they are “round” and integral, while the government is not.

A movement is starting all over the world now: the people will pressure the government more and more. Their actions might be disorganized and spontaneous, but they are interconnected. And the government will suddenly discover that it is standing before these people in fear and does now know what to do.

It would seem: Why not drive the people away? However, the balance of inner forces has changed and you cannot do anything about it anymore. In the past everything was simple: Let them shout on the streets to their heart’s content, let them tear apart a few shops, and a week later, when the food runs out, they will be on their way. But today this approach is not working. In some places the rulers and governments are already being forced to resign and even to escape.

This is the global, integral format that is more suitable for the people who unite than for egoistic governments, which are disunited and conflicting between each other and inside of themselves. The previous system is so opposite to the new model that not a single government will stay in power while playing by the old rules. It will be finished off by that same, highly praised “democracy.” A dictator would last longer by correctly choosing whom to attract to his side, whereas a clutter of parliamentary democracy is the opposite – it will rebuke its demise everywhere.

That is how every completed level nullifies itself: It expresses the inability to hold us back and becomes replaced by the next. All the best things we achieved at the previous phase not only become useless, but harmful, and thus, the old order gets buried beneath. This is what we will see.

Thus, bringing the people to unity and mutual guarantee means bringing them to similarity with the new natural format which is being revealed in our days. By attaining this similarity, we will succeed, flourish, and rise – even in the material sense, and especially in the spiritual development.

As for Israel, here too the commotion won’t settle and the protests will only keep mounting. The people will unite on every issue and will come forth against the government. This comes from the inside. People feel that those who are in power are worthless. The time of acclaimed leaders is gone. The politicians have become so mired by the “market relations” that you can’t reverse this anymore. The people are feeling a surge of energy because all of the global nature is standing behind them.

What will this global process finally lead to? To a world government. The regional differences will remain, being defined by the population’s personality and religion, but the boundaries will be erased completely. They are already blurred. The common government will be a government of sages, and it will be united, without any division into small or big. Everyone will enter the common union and will only care about unity.

After all, nothing more is necessary: If we are united, then we correspond to the upper Force. Unity is equality and mutuality, mutual guarantee. This way, the recent developments in the world are the beginning of a new phase of development, a new reality, a new social formation.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/20/11, “Arvut

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