The UN On The Global Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanUnited Nations “World Economic and Social Survey 2011”:
While humankind has made enormous progress in improving material welfare over the past two centuries, this progress has come at the lasting cost of degradation of our natural environment. About half of the forests that covered the earth are gone, groundwater resources are being depleted and contaminated, enormous reductions in biodiversity have already taken place and, through increased burning of fossil fuels, the stability of the planet’s climate is being threatened by global warming. … The incidence of natural disasters has increased fivefold since the 1970s. … In order for populations in developing countries to achieve a decent living standard, especially the billions who currently still live in conditions of abject poverty, and the additional 2 billion people who will have been added to the world’s population by mid-century—much greater economic progress will be needed.

Continuation along previously trodden economic growth pathways will further exacerbate the pressures exerted on the world’s resources and natural environment, which would approach limits where livelihoods were no longer sustainable. … It is rapidly expanding energy use, mainly driven by fossil fuels, that explains why humanity is on the verge of breaching planetary sustainability boundaries through global warming, biodiversity loss, and disturbance of the nitrogen-cycle balance and other measures of the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystem. A comprehensive global energy transition is urgently needed in order to avert a major planetary catastrophe. …

Reducing the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with growing and increasingly urban populations will require drastic changes in consumption patterns, transportation systems, residential and building infrastructure, and water and sanitation systems.

My Comment: It is impossible to make the transition to any prudent economy of sensible consumption without correcting man’s nature. But the correction of man’s nature from egoistic to altruistic is opposed by the authorities and the system because then they will lose their power over the world.

Therefore, as long as it is possible, the main task of the authorities and the banks is to prevent people from thinking about the crisis by any means – even at the expense of increasing the national debt, the way the US is doing. And all the governments agree with this.

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