The Revelation Of Kabbalah To The World: For Evil Or Good?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn Kabbalistic books people see the upper system that controls the world. However, by using the wisdom of Kabbalah as well as religions, people  have “sculpted” all sorts of misconceptions according to their personal taste: mystical teachings, philosophies, and other theories studied in universities. Papers on demonology and wizardry are submitted in philosophy courses.

By borrowing Kabbalistic names and terms but not the essence, people only confused themselves, thinking that they understand what was being discussed. This includes anti-Semites who formed an entire structure using an unsound foundation. People from Hitler’s faction studied these questions closely, trying to prove that by destroying Jews they can destroy all evil in the world. This is why Baal HaSulam writes in his article “Messiah’s Horn” that premature disclosure of Kabbalah caused disasters for Israel.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. All culture in the world is based on religion. Some 200 years ago there were no “regular” books, music, or art; everything revolved around faith. If the wisdom of Kabbalah hadn’t revealed itself to the world in different forms, humanity would still be at that stage. And really, where else can development come from? Man can’t develop by himself.

But leaking Kabbalistic knowledge caused humanity to “flourish” and develop a rash of faulty beliefs. This brought a lot of disaster to Israel.

Question: But Baal HaSulam also writes that Kabbalah was revealed according to the Creator’s will. So how does one combine these things?

Answer: Certainly, everything happens according to His will. He established an absolute law to which you have to conform or else you are heading down a bad path. And the difference between these two paths is in you, not the Creator. There are no changes on His part whatsoever. You feel His attitude as bad only because you are bad.

The revelation of Kabbalah to the world did a lot of damage to the nation of Israel. But if they had acted differently, better, Kabbalah wouldn’t have been revealed to the nations of the world, and they wouldn’t be treating Israel this way. After all, the hearts of the rulers are in the hands of the Creator.

Everything in the world happens in relation to those who have a point of choice. But if a person doesn’t have this point, he cannot do anything, and he is pushed forward by collective suffering.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/17/2011, “Messiah’s Horn”

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  1. Okay, thank you. This is another thing I have a problem with. I was raised religiously among Catholic and Christians and although I don’t wish anyone to feel bad that I am saying so, I saw, as a kid that people would go to church for their problems or pray to Jesus Christ but they weren’t really doing anything at home or for real to change things. So, change never came and then they would pray again and complain to God and I always thought, if they just change themselves then things would change. What’s the big deal, get over themselves and they can do it. So, they wouldn’t admit they were the source of their problems and the problems would just go on and on again and again. I was also told to not question things. Which I hated about Catholicism and Christianity, because I always thought that if you cannot ask questions about your religion, then how do you get to the bottom of the real source of a problem? It was crazy for me. And I was looked at as evil for even having these types of thoughts. My family was abusive and very dysfunctional. So, I left and tried to separate myself from it and things got better. However, everytime I got in touch with there would always be problems because they only thought of themselves and were selfish. I always thought, if I could teach them how to love each other and that that was their problem that they just needed to think of others instead of themselves, their problems would go away. Instead, they either hated me because they felt bad around me when I was being good, because they were not like me, or they’d go be nice to others (huge effort on their part), but only because they wanted things or had agendas. And when that didn’t work because they weren’t getting anything from it, they’d go back to their selfish selves. It just seemed to cause MORE problems. I didn’t know there was a concept of Kabbalah at the time I was going through this. And, I didn’t wish this just for my family. I see it everywhere as a problem. It’s like selfishness is just a disease. My biggest question, whether or not I am interacting with family or others, to me they are all the same because for myself I just see me interacting with their inner selves. I have tried to be loving to people who are hateful, even if it isn’t me they hate, and to those who hate me (there are people who love me too though), and the problem is is that they either end up taking advantage of me or trying to exploit me in some way. Aren’t I supposed to look out for myself. Didn’t Hillel say “if I am not for myself, then who will be?” If I see that they just get worse, does this mean that I am not focused on the Creator being more important than their problems? Is this the part of Judaism that says, we shouldn’t judge things according to their outcome? It’s easy to love others as myself when they are not trying to hate me or exploit me in some way, but how is this supposed to work when others misuse the concept and only want to love others to get something in return or they see you loving them as a way to get something from you? It’s just really frustrating.

  2. Maybe it is just a matter of loving others anyway, despite the hatred, and stepping out of harms way if you have to, but not making them more important than the Creator.

  3. “Some 200 years ago there were no “regular” books, music, or art; everything revolved around faith”.

    C’est cousu de fil blanc.

    Leaking information, which mean restraining information, is never a good thing. It evokes a lack of communication skills, a deficiency toward the masses. A lack of spirit. I am under the impression that this is precisely what you fought against by allowing the dissemination of the sages texts and guidance to the world.

    After all, what are the “masses”, if not a big conglomerate of undiscriminated desires, glued all together, that I am unable to accept inside me. So “they” rather stay in the”outside” world, under the convenient “masses” label and under my dominance, and they have to come at me or die. Because I lack a mean to reach them. Mainly: words dont fit in. Masses get the words better than anyone else.

    I see amazingly varying people, everywhere, balancing from best to worst, all scared but not fooled, open hearted living souls, and keen to jump on the first occasion to learn and to be loved as soon as they discern a mixture of joy and truth in what is applied to them. I am not speaking about chasing pleasures, but rather the “quantic leap” Igal likes to evoke. And then each of these desire become so eager to spread the message and share and do good. Even the evil ones.

    There is no limit to the depth of an individual, even drowned in a “masse”, meaning people like him, desires. This has been undisputably proven by some kabalist walking down the paths of Israel 2000 years ago. Like it or not, if I may.

    The hatred – meaning the distance – of the desires toward him, is based on egoistical dogmatical details, and bizzare desires, But these hating desires, they share the same root as the antisemitic desire. Same root. At a higher level of course. But is there a limit to the higher levels? What I want to point out: his dissemination method: Honestly do you have a better reference?

    I bow slowly and profoundly before the “masses”, for there is no other place in the universe where He expects the wise ones to care and to apply cold and efficient measures, using the ways the “masses” go for. Most likely the masses like to be overwhelmed. This is important. By this they recognize His presence. Un-formal overwhelming is what works. With codified message they echo codified responses.

    Nowaday, the masses are educated to receive a message under a corporate form: web site, conference, congress. They react accordingly. They come, they consume, they go. Understand me, this is good, but already for some people out of the masses. In marketing terms, which is the matter of presenting “something with a purpose of explanation”, which is a separated domain then “sales” techniques, (but used by sales because an informed consumer is better encline to buy), in marketing terms, one talks of vertical dissemination and horizontal dissemination. Vertical dissemination: I come I buy I go, in response to the invitation. Horizontal dissemination: after I tell others… Vertical response depends on the quantity of information, typically the marketing campaign size. Horizontal dissemination depends on quality, the surprise, the intensity.. the art, the stunning effect. That rabbi 200 years ago he did not have much marketing means for vertical dissemination. He used quality: direct contact.

    The masses are the utmost expression of unity. Despite all our fears, we should reach them further, and directly. There is a huge deficiency to dig there. In fact reaching them adequately could be a huge source of correction and the occasion of a mass quantic leap.

    The rest is separation. Of course a central node is essential, each world requires a sun. But without infinite rays, what is a sun?. Maybe it leads to high states and heavens.If you say so I trust you OK.

    But what is the size of the biggest klippa?

    Without the music, its form, its content: I woudn’t have started kabbalah. Words are the means of the goal, which is already very high and separated. They need to be clothed, but not by words (grammar), to reach people’s heart. In the most possible un-conventional way.

    What is sure, the masses, in their heart, they may dream a while with the hype, but they flee and hate the elites, which are separated from them, whatever they say.

    I hope this was moderate enough and within the lines.

    HaKol tuv

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