The Generation Burnt-Out At Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: (Why You Burn out and How to Revive, by J.Borysenko, The Daily Mail): “This week, a study found that those putting in more than an eight-hour day, five days a week, are six times more likely to suffer burn-out syndrome….

“In fact, it’s an issue that’s becoming increasingly problematic now that redundancies have left the remaining staff to cope with impossible workloads, too afraid to object for fear they’ll be next in the firing line.

Dr. Borysenko, a Harvard-trained scientist and psychologist, believes women suffer so severely because they are more likely than men to be people-pleasers who ignore their own needs….‘Burn-out is a disorder of hope. It sucks the life out of competent, hard-working people. You lose motivation and vitality,’ says Dr Borysenko….

“‘There are several brain changes when we’re overwhelmed. The fear centre in the brain is activated, our frontal lobe works differently and we lose emotional control.’… ‘You can’t behave like that at work, so you hold yourself back. But when you get home, it’s easy to take it out on the person who loves you or your children. The danger is that it poisons relationships and family life.’”

My comment: Parents, if they wish so, need to stay at home with their children. Children (and parents) should study from home through TV and the Internet, getting general education for everyone, and be required to attend only discussions and physical training, chosen by them. We have to work less and produce only the necessities; otherwise, we will burn-out or stop only when, having exhausted the Earth, we will find out that there is nothing else to process.

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  1. Thank you for this, someone in the group asked in a discussion how to incorporate Kabbalah into their life when they go to their lives outside of study and work and stuff. I thought this was a good question. And, it is true, many people work hours much longer than 8 hours a day and don’t spend time studying spirituality. And get burnt out. It is one thing to study books and have discussions and another to practice Kabbalah in real life of loving someone despite the hatred between people. So, in that sense, if we are not studying at the moment we are at work or out in the world, but we take the time to study our interactions and intentions in any moment between us and someone else. Could this also be considered studying Kabbalah?

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