Our World Is Like The Titanic

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Giulio Tremonti, Italian Economy and Finance Minister, msnbc.msn.com): Addressing the Senate shortly before the vote, Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti said Europe needed a political solution to the unraveling debt crisis because no country would be spared dire consequences.

‘No-one should have any illusions of individual salvation. Just like on the Titanic, not even the first class passengers will be saved,’ he said, referring to Europe’s stronger economies.”

My comment: The world is in a predicament todayif you look at its state from a traditional perspective. Or the situation is quite the opposite if you understand that nature has given us a problem to solve: to develop towards integral society, and we have to tackle it now, without being lazy or delaying the decision. Otherwise, we will have to “work on the mistakes,” and it will be even more difficult.

The problem is in a new attitude towards the world: We must learn how to see it as single, closed, and interconnected and to realize that these connections were manifested from within human society which has developed to this level. We have no way back.

There is only one way out: to learn how to live in the new system by changing people in accordance with it. That is, we need universal upbringing and education: to study a new nature of the world.

The world has become integral and unified, and this means that we all are completely dependent on each other. To the degree that we can behave like this, we will win. Otherwise, we will lose.

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