In Search Of Spiritual Hunger

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf the Creator has created the desire to receive and wishes to please it, then it is unclear as to what else is expected of us? Why does He not just reveal our desire and fulfill it?

But the point is that we must add our own aspiration, hunger, appetite, to the desire created by Him and instilled in us by nature. The common desire for fulfillment does not give us a sense of existence. This is similar to the way the still, vegetative, and animate levels, including humans who lead an unconscious animate existence, do not feel that they exist.

But the aspiration to perceive the Creator, revealing the quality of bestowal within, is a vessel which is the opposite side of the Light in which this quality becomes revealed. And then this vessel becomes filled with the Light. This is why you should not believe that it is possible to “make an effort and fail to find!” Everything is in front of you: Go ahead, you can reveal anything; nothing is hidden from you. Only the lack of your own aspiration conceals the Light from you.

We only lack the vessel, our own desire, the sensation of hunger, thirst, lack of fulfillment, and suffering. But this must be suffering for the absence of that specific quality, phenomenon, which must be revealed. In other words, we only lack one thing: aspiration towards bestowal!

This is why desire created by the Creator is not enough. This is nature, a common quality. And it’s not enough to simply develop this desire. We see that the desire develops beginning with the still level and begets the vegetative and animate nature, but this doesn’t let them experience the essence of life because each one of them exists within themselves.

This is how humanity keeps living throughout thousands of years of development as well since this development is only of the simple desire to receive pleasure, and nothing else. In this manner one cannot go beyond the interests of one’s existence, the animal life. In this way we only maintain our life, but we don’t attain its source, cause, and purpose, which exist above the simple desire to receive fulfillment.

All of this is contained in Him who gives us the desire, the One who begets it, the Creator. And this is why we need to find in our animalistic state a way to arm ourselves with an aspiration towards Him, a vessel for the revelation of the Creator: the source of life, the most authentic life on the human level, and its purpose.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/2011The Zohar

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