Everything Depends Upon You

Dr. Michael LaitmanSince initially we lack the aspiration to bestow and we need to gather, form, and organize it ourselves, we are given work in the group to help us achieve it. In the group, we work with other people whom we, as it were, see before us as “help from the opposite side.” And essentially, instead of working with people and desires which appear to be foreign to me, I work with my attitude towards them. I need to learn to treat them like myself.

In working with them, I see opposite relationships: rejection, hatred, and alienation. However, at the same time, I must reach attraction, love, and closeness instead, and this helps me to rise above the animate degree, to the degree of the Creator.

This is because there are only two kinds of relation to others: reception and bestowal, which are opposite to one another. Hence, I can test myself only by my relation towards my neighbor and try to build, form, within myself a need to come closer to another, a need for love—above all the hatred and rejection that are being revealed to me towards the others.

The revelation of evil can only be discovered in one’s relation to one’s neighbor. This also involves a lot of learning which can happen under the condition that I want to become closer to him, and I use all my strength for this. And then I discover that I am moving in a completely opposite direction; I get further away, reject, and hate. These are the qualities I refer to as the “evil inclination” since I understand that union, proximity, connection, and love are the “good inclination,” the quality of the Creator (if it becomes revealed to me).

Everything is attained through one’s relation to his neighbor. And this is why this world has many people. If I were to regard the entire world and everything in it, meaning humanity, the still, vegetative, animate nature, my life, my relationships with other people, commerce, family, relatives, and other people, either near or distant, as a means for attaining the quality of bestowal, I would be using this world correctly. Then I could say that everything is there to serve and help me, and I am there to serve the Creator. The entire world is created for me.

If a person agrees that the entire world is created correctly from Above, and everything is arranged to properly suit and help him arm himself with an aspiration, to allow him to make an effort and use it to acquire the desire to bestow above the common desire to receive pleasure (which was given by the Creator), he will succeed. The law of “I labored and I found” or “I labored and did not find, do not believe” states that everything is already in front of you, everything is there, and the rest only depends upon you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/2011, Shamati #117

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    I read your blog faithfully and I am taking the classes from your organization. I am so very grateful that you are making this available to anyone who chooses to experience the process. I noticed that there are rapidly many, many groups forming that are focused on overcoming our current crisis and moving toward our next phase of evolution. I also noticed that you investigate/analyse them when they come to your attention and comment on them and their movement. Sometimes, you contact them also. I am wondering, with soo many movement starting up simultaneously, all with what appears to be good intentions, are they going to be able to work cooperatively and collaboratively together? Or, will they fall into the pattern of competitiveness? Is there a way to help these movements move toward the integral model that you propose? How do we reach them? I can esaily drift into the easy la la land of spirituality and i am also in agreement that this is very important. But, there is a practical issue that I struggle with on a personal level and I see it on the full world wide systems level as I learn about all these group’s and movement’s models: money… as long as we need money in order to get the resources that we need to either sustain ourselves, or sustain a viable movement/agency/system then there will be built in to the efforts of sustainability a requirement to compete…yet we know that compensation will cause our demise— the political structure and systems used in the past to manage the distribution of money as a means of acquiring resources just wont work communism wont work-socialism wont work-capitalism wont work….I am in agreement as all 8 years olds would agree (and I am spiritually still eight years old lol) that the key is to have every human being in the whole wide world turn to goodness and just share with eachother because we love eachother… but in reality, we are far far far away from that… no matter what system we devise, social, political etc… it will require management and monitoring at some level in order to function, so we are back to the same problem that is why all of the socio-political models failed to bring justice prosperity and peace to all humankind and all inhabitants of the earth. Yes, ego got in the way… I am struggling with how things can be different with the new system that is emerging as a result of the “new wave” of organizations and proposals from all over the world–many grassroots level that are getting momentum thanks to internet etc…How is this all going to come together and what is our part in this? With that, I will share with you yet another movement that I became aware of just in case you want to examine it as you do many.. I dont have an opinion about it, it simply came to me via e-mail (I get about 3 new movements a week–and I believe that many will become strong)

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