Global Connection: A Problem Or A New State Of Existence?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As yourself, I also read a lot of materials about financial crisis in all of its forms. However, after reviewing experts’ articles about the world crisis (L. Grinin, R. Shiller, S. Maltsev, and S. Roach), I came to the conclusion that many of them see “globalization” as one of the problems. In their opinion, if countries were not interconnected, crisis would hit only one or two of them, while now it has enveloped the whole world. But at the same time, other experts view the crisis as an instrument to solve the problems. Who is correct?

Answer: If we are egoists and desire to remain such, the crisis is definitely a problem related to global interconnection between all countries, states, and the world’s nations. But if we are conscious of the purpose of our evolution (which is our unity and revelation of the Creator’s presence in it) and wish to achieve it, we experience the emerging globalization as a desirable state and understand why it is necessary.

The key is to distinguish between 1) the manifestation of the entire world as a single system, which originates from nature and 2) egoistic humanity (a cancerous tumor in the world’s organism) that manifests because of us and which we are able to reform. Otherwise, nature will make us do it by force (suffering).

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