At The Neutral Zone Between Good And Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t have any freedom of will in this world. It is a world of results, and this is what makes it so different from the spiritual world because when a person rises there, having achieved a spiritual level, he gains freedom of will in thought, decision, and action. That’s because it contains all the forces, while our world contains only their results.

Here we already receive the ready-made pictures and cannot change anything about them. If we want to act on our own, we have to rise to the spiritual level, the level of free choice, the level of forces. When we reveal these forces inside of us and feel them (considering that everything becomes revealed only inside a person), then we gain the ability to act by our own free choice and decide for ourselves which forces to activate—these or others.

This work is called the Creator’s work. After all, by gaining the ability to make the right choice in all of his actions, he gradually replaces the Creator in controlling the forces of nature. That is how he gradually reaches a point when all of reality comes under his power.

He constantly reveals new forces, as if it’s happening in a free form. After all, there are only two authorities: that of bestowal and that of reception. Both of these forces come from the Creator, but where is man here?

Man stands between these two forces, which act upon him in perfect balance. He finds himself in the neutral zone, which does not depend on the force of bestowal or the force of reception. The force of bestowal is called “holiness” and the force of reception, “impurity,” because it is egoistic. And the neutral part does not belong to either and is called Klipat Noga.

In this state, where a person does not know exactly “whose side” the truth is on: On the side of the egoistic force (Klipa) or on the side of holiness (bestowal), he finds himself exactly in the middle between them, and gains freedom of choice.

But a question arises: How is it possible to choose if you are exactly at the middle of the scale and you have absolutely equal chances on both sides: 50/50, and this is an exact, correct calculation? After all, a person does not feel that he is being bribed in some way or that he is lying to himself. So how can he choose which path to take, by virtue of what to advance in life: to try to receive more and more for himself or to nevertheless attain some spiritual form, bestowal?

This choice is what we discern by working on our environment. After all, a person does not know what to choose and he is left with this question. But if he really wants to make the right choice, then he has to place himself in the right environment. And then the environment helps him to see where the truth is.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/11, Writings of Rabash

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