What Will We Leave To Our Children?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (M. Kravchuk, U. Krasnov, V. Malinin, terrahumana.ru): Even a mass transition to new technologies will be barely effective if the users of these technologies do not change their attitude to the world around them and do not agree that the world is a single organism, while they are just parts of this world.

Man broke the general balance of material circulation in nature. The majority of industries, technologies, and inventions created during the last three hundred years are unilaterally aimed at consumption and destruction and are detrimental to the planet.

In his activities, the modern human opposed himself to nature and acquired the feeling that he had conquered it and become the king of nature. But nature affects people by a set of feedback loops. From one year to another, the world’s political leaders impose on us the idea that modern civilization has no alternative, and the existing condition is the inevitable cost of our comfortable life.

The authorities claim that they provide the world with energy, food, and employment, but they overlook the fact that the use of these technologies leaves little chance of survival for the children and grandchildren of these people. The question is: Who needs these industries and their products if they put under threat the future of humanity? To recognize the global crisis is unprofitable for the government and business because they cannot solve it.

My comment: Scientists see the root of the problem in man’s opposition to nature, and the solution to the crisis in replacing egoistic instincts with a spiritual principle. But the method of implementation is still unclear for them. And in their nature, they are far from its practical realization. The opinion of the world scientific community should be organized to become widespread and strong so as to influence the governments (upwards) and people (downwards) in order for the governments to pass decisions on the integral and global education of humanity.

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