The Special Forces Unit

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn commemoration of National Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism

I liken the Jewish people with a special forces unit that was sent on a mission with a special task. On the way, the unit encounters various problems. Some of the soldiers fail, and some make it further in since they understand the objective better.

Suppose they went to another planet they knew nothing about. While there, they have to assess the situation and make decisions independently in order to take over a new territory. This group overcomes all sorts of obstacles, struggles through jungles and swamps, crosses a desert, deals with internal arguments, and goes through confrontations and reconciliations. It isn’t a bed of roses for the special forces unit sent to win planet Earth.

I think the example I made closely describes a battle we are leading. It also explains our special attitude and consideration for the fallen friends and those who are calling us forth marking the path. The process consists of many stages. It is a real adventure, a history of incarnations of souls that time after time carry out the orders they had received, until they reach the final destination.

When they come to the designated place, they must start preparing for the final combat. Everything would be fine if events would develop like in an adventure book; if we, similar to explorers of the new lands having crossed an ocean, would battle with natives, conquer or make peace with them, and so on.

However, we have a different kind of war, an internal, not external, one. We can’t let out our ambitions and blaze through the external enemy in solid egoistic rows holding up a banner. We cannot employ our natural instincts: envy, hate, lust, vanity, and ambition in order to gain victory by force. We have a totally opposite process here. All of us, together, must win in the internal war.

We constantly think that we are supposed to defeat an external enemy. In fact, it is just a game of imagination. If we conquer ourselves, the external enemy will vanish. However, in the meantime, we have to battle with it so that we may win “time.” So far, we exist in an uncorrected state that results in the notion of time. Thus, in order to free the space and time for ourselves to do spiritual work, we have to work on the corporeal plane as well.

Hence, we live in the world which is split in two. One of its parts is material, and the other is spiritual. We should treat the friends in a similar manner. Some of them lead material battles, and the others lead the spiritual ones. Both make vital contributions to this exalted war, the purpose of which is to reach the end of correction.

According to Baal HaSulam, many friends will fall on the path, and more will fall in the battle field, internal and external. However, in the end, all of them give their lives to reach the purpose of creation. Therefore, their souls incarnate and line up for the battle yet again, until all of them are transformed, having reached unity and adhesion.

As for us, we must always look forward to the future, rather than to the past, and strive to battle internally, which will greatly reduce the external battles.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/2011, About the Israeli Nation

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