The Aliens

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You liken the Jewish nation to a special forces unit that is sent on a special mission. Where to?

Answer: It is sent to conquer the evil inclination. “Israel” is a spark, the point in the heart, the foreign force in the “hostile country,” in egoism. We must strive to defeat this egoism and correct it. We have to strengthen ourselves first, and then, having been reformed, we must give egoists the Light and correct the entire world.

After all, it is true that we are not from here, not from the land of egoism. Our root lies outside of it; we infiltrated it by way of the breaking of the vessels, of the integral soul. Here, inside it, we were broken in the beginning, but in the end, we must become corrected. To the degree of our correction, we reform the collective ego.

The Aliens
Question: Who is the commander-in-chief that sent the special forces unit on the mission?

Answer: The Creator did. Israel is a part of Him, the vessels of bestowal sitting in egoism, in the vessels of reception. The commander-in-chief sent the soldiers out, having supplied them with all the necessary gear and ammunition. To cast them onto the hostile ground, He intentionally “broke” them up so that they may look like everyone else and not stand out in the crowd.

Thus, we can be likened to secret agents. Each of us looks exactly as all the natives of this egoistic country. Imagine being dropped into Africa, and you look exactly like them: You have the same character, mentality, tastes, and likes. Everything is identical to theirs, inside and out.

For a while, the planted agent doesn’t receive instructions. He has to settle in at the new site, find a job, and make a family. Years go by before he embarks on his mission. However, one day, he receives a reminder. By now, he has forgotten all about it when the phone starts to ring: “So and so is speaking….” It’s just like in a movie.

We have received our wake-up call: It’s time to remember that we have a special mission here, that this is not, in fact, our home, that we came from a totally different world. In truth, we are from another “planet,” from another dimension. We received an impulse and came out of dormancy. All of the aliens on this planet have woken up, are gathering in the groups, and starting to prepare themselves to conquer the planet Earth. That’s our mission.

Question: How do we win it then?

Answer: We are being sent instructions, gradually explaining all that we need to know and put into action. Then, we gain a new mind and a new sensation. Our mother planet is sending us the power of our initial nature, with the help of which we will conquer every citizen of the Earth.

We came here for one reason: to establish the same order here as exists in our own world. There, everything is opposite. It is governed by love and bestowal.

Now, we must end all the horrors that are viewed as the norm here. People are destroying themselves and the life on the planet, while we have come to help, to save them and provide a totally different life for them. We were woken up by a special signal from home, on a special wave, which means that it’s time to act.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/2011, About the Israeli Nation

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