Crawling Out Of The Black Hole

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists advise us to practice in our little “game room,” in the “bubble” of this world, until we figure out that nothing works. Who will give us a sensation of it? It is the upper force residing outside of our perception, beyond our world.

That’s what “trips” us. That’s what leads us to failure instead of success. Why? It’s in order to vex, to awaken us. The Creator flirts with us so that we start to want Him even more and develop, to the best of our ability, a real need for bestowal that lies outside of our nature.

While forming this desire to step out of the familiar, egoistic corner, we begin to realize how small and finite it is. It’s similar to a black hole that doesn’t allow the light to break free due to the impassable force of gravity. We, too, reside in a “black hole,” unable to get out. On the other hand, we can cultivate the need to break free, “to desire without a desire.” That, we can do.

How so? That is because if we arrange it correctly, the group binds everyone. This is how it is in daily life. Everywhere I go, all sorts of things are offered to me that I would never choose to want. I’m told that headache pills are what I really need, but what if I feel good, and everything is okay in my life? Then I am told, “How come? You lack the most essential things! Look, your neighbor has already bought them. We have an assortment you won’t believe!”

Indeed, I have never thought of such pleasures, but I am relentlessly pushed to try them and see for myself. In other words, they form a desire in me, aimed at what I have no desire for. So it is, over and over again. Such is the impact of society.

We, too, should create an advertising agency of the spiritual world that would constantly work on us, forming a need for what we don’t need. In this agency, my work should be based on knowing that thereby, by way of external actions, I work on myself.

It doesn’t matter that I want to manipulate myself into buying the spiritual product. I put this desire through the group, through their desires, and it returns to me in an unrecognizable form. As a result, I become inspired and, literally out of necessity, strive toward spiritual fulfillment.

What is passed through the others is no longer mine. My initial message became saturated by the friends’ desire, and now the entire group gets hooked on this lie: “You know, it’s so cool there, in spirituality! Compared to our world, it’s like heaven on earth!”

They brainwash me with messages they don’t believe. They want to sell me a product and make a profit on being the advertisers for it, while I take their words seriously and exert great effort to purchase the spiritual world for myself.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/2011, Writings of Rabash


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