Move Through The Stage Of Concealment Quickly

Dr. Michael LaitmanA beginner is prone to fighting with obstacles and trying to move them out of the way. He is unable to connect to the Creator through these obstacles yet and can’t see that all that is happening in his life comes from Him.

That is why he pushes the obstacles out of the way in his egoism and gets angry at others, while wanting to make a nice, easy life for himself, as it is customary among all those people in the world who don’t yet feel the connection with the Creator. These are the initial steps in our work.

But after a person has exerted effort in order to enter the group, connect with the teacher and the books, the Light starts affecting him stronger. And even though he doesn’t feel it, he does see how he changes internally. In fact, he starts noticing his connection with the governing force, the cause of all that is going on around, the force that exists somewhere in nature, inside of him, and evokes his desires and thoughts.

There is some inner governing factor in him, and a person begins to establish a connection with it, while trying to understand why He is doing all this, for what purpose, and how he is supposed to respond to it? A person lives for a very long time until he arrives at the sensation that everything around is triggered by some internal causes instilled by the Creator. And then, he understands that he must put quite an effort into the group, dissemination, and studying, in order to pass through this stage of concealment sooner.

And when he no longer forgets that everything comes from the internal force that awakens and guides him through, his work becomes more conscious, precise, and practical. Thereby, he gradually accumulates the necessary desire to reveal Him, who arranges the world around us, so that this hidden connection is finally revealed.

But there is more work after this, which continues till the very end of correction by way of obstacles. The only question is: How quickly will a person begin to recognize and use them as help to achieve a connection, adhesion, with the Creator?

After all, the Light illuminates our uncorrected desire, revealing its deeper and more inner layers with each new degree. This is the only thing that causes us to feel pain. But pain is the symptom of a disease, the unfolding egoism, corruption! Only then do we receive an opportunity to correct and sentence ourselves and the world to a scale of merit.

Therefore, it is necessary to work on oneself in order to justify any states that we start feeling deeper, stronger, and more irritating. The more a person advances, bigger and deeper obstacles are presented to him, and the more powerful the blows are. But at the same time, he begins to understand what is going on, even though the righteous one also falls and becomes a “sinner” so he may rise and become righteous yet again.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/6/2011, Writings of Rabash

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