Tell Me What You Want!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly through unification can we attain the Creator’s revelation and spiritual life. But without the environment, I can never correctly envision spirituality: as bestowal and love toward others.

I need to build an environment for myself which will develop in me this “artificial,” unnatural desire: a yearning to unite with others. Indeed, this is a lie to my ego which doesn’t see any self-benefit in this action. And when the environment begins to cultivate in me this new desire and new values, only then will I discover that there is a force that opposes this unification: Pharaoh.

Before this I couldn’t even imagine that uniting was this difficult. I didn’t desire it all that much; rather, I was kind of neutral to it. But the more my environment inspired me with this idea, as a good advertisement does, to aspire to this artificial objective which I couldn’t even feel before, the more I began to sense the obstacle in my way, the special force that impedes this unification.

This force is willing to offer anything I want, all the pleasures of life in this world. It appeals to me: “Tell me what you want! Money, honor, power, knowledge, traveling, any pleasure your heart desires!”

Consider the infinite new ways humanity has found to fulfill itself in recent years, which hadn’t existed in all the centuries of our history. Today we manufacture 30-40 times more of all kinds of goods that serve no practical purpose. Every six months to a year I am forced to replace all of my stuff with new models: computers, furniture, clothes, and so on. These things obscure the real picture, and it’s all Pharaoh’s work, only at the corporeal, beastly level.

But when we reach the desire to unite, the true, unrelenting Pharaoh reveals himself, draining us of all our efforts and turning them to his benefit. This force reveals itself, willing to give me anything I want, anything except unity!

And here we begin to understand Pharaoh’s goal and why he is so staunchly against unification in particular. Firstly, he wants us to truly feel the need for the Creator, the upper force, to help us. And secondly, he wants our desire to unite to grow to its full, ultimate potential, which will raise us to the heights of the Creator Himself.

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From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/2011, Writings of Rabash

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