The Mutiny Of Egoism’s Slaves

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Letter 10: Pharaoh sucks up all the Light that starts descending for Israel (those who aspire to the Creator), and so it is said that “there wasn’t a slave who was able to escape from Egypt.”

Our advancement seems to be “negative” since we put forth a lot of effort and think that we are advancing and achieving a certain success on this path, while suddenly everything disappears. Pharaoh sucks up “all the Light” for himself and everything disappears in the ego, leaving nothing of our efforts.

This is a cumulative process, and our frustration keeps accumulating and growing until a person begins to feel that he can’t work for his egoism any longer, which sucks all achievement from him. As soon as he experiences a little inspiration, awakening, connection with the friends, and willingness to walk this path and rise above this whole meaningless, vain life, the next day he doesn’t feel any progress. Where does it all go?

Upon rising in the morning, why must I start from zero yet again, or even below it? Why must I climb from the animate state, barely able to comprehend where I am, wake myself up physically and emotionally, and start working on the importance of the goal all over again so that I may understand where I’ve ended up, what for, and what’s going on here? This is the work in Pharaoh’s bondage.

There is nothing “accidental” in spirituality, nor are there some “blind acts of nature.” Nature is the Creator’s combination of forces: either on the side of His Face or the opposite side, meaning the Creator and Pharaoh. But it is still one and the same force: “There is none else besides Him,” and we are always present between its two influences. There is nothing accidental or meaningless in what is happening with us. It is simply a shift in balance between these two forces, in order to give us a chance to exert effort.

The Creator intentionally made it so that Pharaoh completely enslaved us, erased all our efforts, and showed us our despicable nature and total hopelessness in ever reaching the goal. And then, thanks to Pharaoh, we will start needing the Creator.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/2011, Baal HaSulam’s Letter 10

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