When The Righteous Unite

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs soon as the righteous [those who wish to justify the Creator] unite, there immediately intensifies mutual hatred [egoism] that causes fights and quarrels.
– The book, Noam Elimelech

When ten of Israel [who strive toward the Creator] unite in order to acquire the property of love and bestowal, through their force of oneness, the property of love and bestowal is drawn to the world.
– Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter, The Language of Truth

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  1. The righteous are the right line. Their flaw is simple, who the hell are they justifying? What set of laws that acts needs defense? It has no character! No man in the sky to be defended and whose feelings are protected.

    The Leftish or Heritics are the left line. They are also flawed. Like virons they work only for themselves and destroy everything.

    Israel is the middle line, that is why when they unify, unlike the others, it leads to goodness. To the other two, they are tempted by who now has the opportunity to give even more now that the group is larger (right), or take even more (left)! Think of how much more greedy leaders become when the group of the led enlarges.

    Caution is paramount, desire and emotion is fuel and great for powering progress. BUT, without sanity, without clarity, either good or bad feelings can destroy us. Either leads to group disintegration. With both, there is unification between the part and the whole, and the giving and receiving keeps both forces ‘satisfied’ while working towards the practical clear goal.

    The torus shape with the hole being zero sized clearly shows this. The point in the middle, is also part of the whole and vice versa. The part can receive from everyone and give to everyone, and thus is coupled to it. If either force dominates it creates a pyramid scheme of giving or receiving, both of which are egoistic.

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