Should We Search For Evil Within Ourselves?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is revealing one’s evil inclination the most important thing?

Answer: We shouldn’t try to reveal our evil inclination and it’s not important what states we experience. The most important and the only possible action we can perform is to attract the upper Light.

The Light will lead me through all the stages which are currently unknown to me: I will reveal my evil inclination, correct, and then fulfill it. Only the Light can help me along this path. I have to aspire toward the upper Light which will act upon me. The form and sequence of those actions are none of mine concern.

I shouldn’t be thinking about the Light revealing my evil inclination because I don’t know what it’s supposed to reveal. And even though it is written in the books about it, I don’t yet understand what the “evil inclination” really is. It’s not worthwhile taking your attention and concentration away from the essence: attracting the Light.

Otherwise, we start looking for this evil inclination within us and start thinking that each negative quality we posses is the evil inclination. But believe me, we haven’t revealed it yet.

The evil inclination is an angel. That is, when we reveal the evil, we discover that the Creator is concealed within it, and that this evil inclination comes from Him. This is why in order to reveal the Creator, we must think about unity instead of hatred! And while I aspire toward unity, I reveal that the evil inclination is what gets in the way.

I am always aspiring toward unity, while the upper Light acts upon me and ultimately reveals to me who I am. I have to go through all the stages: 0,1, 2, 3, and on stage 4 (Behina Dalet), I always feel that I’ve completed a certain step and received a new understanding. And then once again I go through all the stages, and on the fourth stage a new understanding is revealed.

This, however, doesn’t change my attitude toward the past, present, or the future. I always aspire toward unity without thinking about anything else. And it doesn’t matter to me whether I’m in a good state or a bad one.

I’m fine with whatever becomes revealed to me. Nothing can stop me from going forward: neither the good, nor the bad, nor any philosophical theory that I conjure up in my head, which only confuses me, making me believe that I understand what’s happening. All of my attention has to be focused on unity only. Then I can be sure that I’m attracting the Surrounding Light.

When you begin to over-intellectualize and decide for yourself what to do, you instantly lose the Surrounding Light. You must aspire only toward the Light which is whole and absolute. It is written that we must be ready to accept the mutual guarantee as one man with one heart. We should think only about this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/2011 on the topic of “I created the evil inclination, and I created the Torah as a spice”

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  1. Key phrase ‘decide FOR yourself’. In the Torah the story of Babylon specifically says ‘Let us make a name FOR ourselves’, this is why they failed. For WHOM?

    All for one (root to trunk) and one for all (trunk to branch), key, this is adhesion. Both reception and bestowal as one, one continuous flow, from root, to trunk, to branches, and from branches to leaves, which fall, nourishing the ground, and back to the roots. There is no end, and clearly now, the left and right hands are as one, connected to the trunk, the spine, the one.

    Like the day of a village, it begins as one, everyone together, they then spread out across the earth gathering the light in whatever form (food etc) at the end of the day they recombine and are enriched 620 times. This is everywhere, the fundamental vibration, the breath, neshama and ruach speak of wind. Air, listen to your own body, it contains all the patterns that are seen outside! It even contains the final correction, the unification of opposing sides, the brain in its hemispheres, we are building the corpus callosum! The middle where everything from everywhere coalesces into a single unity resulting in…adhesion! The larger life form wakes up, and gasps for air…

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