At The Threshold Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the lesson I am constantly thinking about the upcoming convention and it’s hard for me to focus on the lesson. Am I losing something as a result of this?

Answer: Of course not. We always feel the pressure in the process of preparing for such massive events. Once a year we get together at a convention in the United States, and we should see this as a unique opportunity to unite with each other. There is no other opportunity to receive more Surrounding Light, support, and strength to advance than at gatherings such as this.

This is exactly what I personally expect. I remember how when I began studying with Rabash, literally a few months later we traveled to Tzfat together. In a small yard by a little house, all of Rabash’s students gathered who had studied with him at different times and suddenly they wanted to join us. About 40 people gathered, which was a pretty big group before I brought new students to him.

I saw how excited he was by this trip and by being there. I asked him, “What is so special about it?” He explained that these gatherings are the most effective means in our world for spiritual advancement when a person comes in order to unite with others, works for this sake, makes efforts, and desires to receive the forces from others, to gather and absorb them inside of him, to literally drink up this might. And this depends only on him and his sensitivity.

If I prepare for the convention the right way, then when I come there, I receive everything I possibly can. It all depends on me. It is because we are standing in front of Infinity. I can come to the convention and not receive anything, scorning others, and leaving there even colder than before. Or I can come there and be impressed, touched, and inspired. I can absorb so much strength and Surrounding Light that I wouldn’t receive during years of study. Everything depends on my preparation.

Therefore we must already be preparing for the upcoming convention. Before such a huge event, when a person is planning to connect with others, he must experience worry and fear, feeling that he is standing at the threshold of great inner changes. This pressure-filled expectation and preparation is even felt physically.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/11, The Zohar

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