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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is confidence in my life?

Answer: Confidence in my life is the sensation that I am so connected with the group that inside of that unity I reveal the Creator. I have attained this connection myself. It is recorded in my account and therefore does not disappear. And if it does disappear all of a sudden, then it’s only for me to restore it on a new level in order to attain a stronger connection. And I also have confidence in this—that in the future I will always be able to maintain that connection and thus I will advance.

Confidence in my life is the sensation that by virtue of my own efforts I have attained a connection with the Creator and have been filled by the Light of bestowal, Hassadim. Only the Light of Hassadim, bestowal, raises us above egoism and fear for ourselves, giving us confidence. Either you will worry for yourself, or for others —one of the two.

There is only a psychological barrier here, and if you go beyond that boundary (barrier or Machsom) and instead of yourself you will start experiencing others, then you will receive the sensation of total confidence in your life. This is given to you only by the force of the Light. Obviously, you cannot change your own nature. And when that happens, you will feel that you don’t lack for anything and never had. You will be in the Light of the Creator, in His power. And what problems could you possibly have in the King’s castle, which contains anything you could possibly wish for?

Only the upper Light can free you from the fear of death because it gives you the sensation of eternal life. You begin to live in everyone else and lose the sensation that you live inside of your egoism, your animate body.

Right now you are afraid to lose this life inside of the body because you do not have another life! The moment you begin to live the other, spiritual life, and rise to its level, there you will perceive this earthly level, this body the same as a dog or a donkey that’s beside you.

That is how you will sense this earthly life, like something that merely accompanies you until it leaves you. But you won’t feel sad or scared about it.

Don’t worry, we are yet to attain the eternal life that Kabbalah delivers to us!
From the 4th part of the Daily KAbbalah Lesson 3/3/11 on Confidence

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