Let’s Go With The Light!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe purpose of creation, the goal of an all-inclusive, comprehensive nature is to bring us in balance at all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and human. We, at our human (speaking) degree, corrupt nature, and this corruption expands from us down to all lower levels. We ourselves already feel it.

Since we belong at the animate level, we experience all pain at the still, vegetative, and animate degrees. As to the human degree, we have to achieve it by becoming similar to the Creator in our qualities. The way to accomplish it lies in our unification.

That is why in the recent times, once we have arrived at the evolution of the human level in humanity, we also start experiencing suffering in it. Not only nature, but humanity and all its systems as well are in a deep, general crisis that we witness today.

There is no doubt that nature, this omnipotent force that includes us too, will win and bring us to the final destination. But we have an opportunity to reach this goal consciously, by cultivating the human within us. We can’t reach the goal if some force keeps dragging us forward or pushing us from behind. It won’t work. Either way, the pain will become so intense that it won’t allow us to remain in apathy and idleness.

We will have to act and realize that each action carries the intention of the Creator, His objective, and we will have to accept it willingly, not through being forced into it. All forces of nature will pressure us and force us to evolve.

Therefore, we have two paths to the goal: pain or pleasure, “Beito” (in its time) or “Achishena” (ahead of time). But this doesn’t mean that we can walk the path of “Beito” and some day, at the right time, we’ll achieve the goal. No, it won’t work since to walk the path of “Beito” means that each moment brings me tremendous suffering so I may learn from it. Frankly, until now, that is exactly how we have been developing.

If we were to evolve by this method, the wisdom of Kabbalah would not have been revealed to us. But the program of creation dictates that with this wisdom we can transition from the path of suffering to the path of the Light, by choosing the path of correction and not waiting for the blows to continue falling on us with each small step we take.

Of course, it isn’t an easy path. Nevertheless, when we acquire an anti-egoistic screen, and with its help can control our nature, the path becomes easy, pleasant, and short.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/10, “Peace in the World”

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  1. I’m confused because you say that ultimately nature will force us to comply, but that it doesn’t work to push us, yet that is exactly what Natute/God does and that eventually we will have to comply, but you also say that we must accept willingly.

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