Light Assisted Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is it in the wisdom of Kabbalah that allows it to develop a child so quickly, turning him or her into a human being?

Answer: It’s the Light that Reforms. A Kabbalistic education develops a child’s human level, drawing the Light upon him from the upper degree, and, thus, all the lower degrees seem easy to him.

Besides, he learns the sciences. It may seem to us that studying Kabbalah has nothing to do with biology or chemistry, but a child is studying scientific principles, the fundamentals of nature: the desire to bestow, the desire to receive, the universal connection, and the technique of “above reason.” These are the basic laws of creation, and, afterward, when the child studies certain physical or chemical laws, they come to him easily.

He is not intimidated by them as something unknown and difficult to understand. He approaches them lightly, from the top down, possessing the universal, basic knowledge that desire and its fulfillment are the fundamentals of nature. All of nature, accordingly, is a picture of their interaction, their correspondence. It greatly simplifies a child’s comprehension of the world and changes his outlook on life.

We need to give the world compelling evidence: to organize groups open for large numbers of children from around the world to enroll in our system. All of them will have different backgrounds and speak different languages, but they will study according to one method.

Then, we will demonstrate their achievements compared to all other education systems. We will showcase what kind of children they are and what happened to them, examining the process they went through.

In parallel, we will track what happened to their classmates left to study in the regular educational system. We’ll compare how our group succeeded in life and how it progressed all that time without any problems and crises to what happened to the others.

The criterion is not how highly educated a person is and what profession he acquired. That doesn’t guarantee happiness. Another way to look at it is to inquire whether a person is satisfied with his or her life and has found himself standing firmly on his feet, mastered a normal profession, and built a family. We’ll check what percentage of them lost their way in life. Let them talk to people and see how they have turned out.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/10, “Peace in the World”

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