There, Beyond The Clouds…

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe read The Zohar with the Sulam Commentary where the source text, The Book of Zohar itself, written in the language of Talmud, and Baal HaSulam’s commentary, written in the language of Kabbalah, interweave with one another like threads in a tapestry. We receive the text in a ready-made form with these two languages intermixed with each other. But when you read or listen to it, it’s as if two pictures or two screens arise before you like on a computer — the inner and the outer.

On the outer screen you read the text in the language of the Talmud, while on the inner one it is talking about spiritual qualities and actions in the terminology of Kabbalah. These two screens gradually start to unite as one for you, and that helps you to start bringing the observation of the outer picture of the world closer to the inner observation.

You read The Zohar and it helps you start perceiving the outer reality as happening inside you. Gradually this influences you and you suddenly begin relating to the world the same way as well.

It’s as if you go through a cloud and find the true reality, the authentic perception of reality. And The Zohar accompanies you.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/10, The Zohar

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