A Small Pocket Of Life Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen the Light leaves the Partzuf, only a minimal spark of Light remains in it, and it is called Kista de Hayuta (a small pocket of life force). This is similar to a sleeping person whose strengths have left him, but we do not consider him to be dead because a little bit of life still remains in him in order for him to return to a normal state. This data record, Kista de Hayuta, receives the Returning Light, which comes from the Upper One.

Kista de Hayuta is a point that separates two different states. It’s like a hungry person who has completely forgotten the previous satisfied state and is ready to receive a new fulfillment. Here, too, one completely frees himself of the previous ten Sefirot and is ready to receive the ten new ones. So, this point which no longer has anything from the previous state and has not yet acquired anything from the future state is called the minimal spark of life.

I, myself, restrict my desires and want to put an end to everything in the past in order to begin a new degree, a new level of bestowal. I cannot do anything with the old Kli. After all, I have already tried to do everything I could in it. I discovered that I was unable to do something and, thus, have uncovered a new, empty space within me.

For this reason, I see the old state as flawed in relation to the new one. I reject it and move on. Since I am planning on bestowing in the next state, I must begin at zero. I do not have anything. I do not want to carry my old baggage with me. I only want bestowal, and there are no old possessions in bestowal. I start the journey empty-handed just like one goes into exile.

Some time ago, the first Hasids (who were Kabbalists) had a custom like this. One would leave his house and would not take anything with him. He would take only the clothes that he was wearing, the staff in his hand, and nothing else. You do not even take a piece of bread with you just in case. You just leave, and that is it. You do not know what will happen. You will be back only in six months or a year.

Are you ready to start on a new path today?

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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