“Grace Is Deceitful And Beauty Is Vain”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn the spiritual path, souls desiring to unite must perpetually work on building a connection between them. In that case they constantly influence Malchut of the World of Atzilut (the bride) and it awakens a connection in Zeir Anpin on the level of faith rather than reception of pleasure.

Then the covenant exists because we sign a pact that we hold on to each other only because of the spiritual goal’s importance regardless of who’s paying and how much. For example, if your girlfriend is beautiful, then when you receive pleasure from her, it’s as if you sold yourself to her. If you live with a woman because she’s beautiful, then you’re a “sell out” because you receive pleasure from her beauty, which is like her payment to you.

That’s why we sign a covenant saying that we advance by faith above reason or that bestowal is more important than reception for us. That’s why we constantly look for ways to strengthen our connection through mutual bestowal.

To the degree I join the connection through mutual bestowal, I start to notice how much uglier my “bride” is (meaning the group and the spiritual world), and that my partner (the Creator) is a liar. So who did I sign a covenant with, to whom did I obligate myself!? Yet, that’s when you have the opportunity to go by faith above reason, to prefer bestowal above the calculation of reception.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/10, Shamati #52

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