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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In his article, Rabash refers to a fable about a person who loaned a large sum of money to his friend although he wasn’t too sure he would ever get it back. However, when the friend of his brought a warranty letter from the bank that secured the loan, he got upset because he lost a chance to stay in “faith above reason” and, thus, couldn’t advance spiritually.

Answer: Be apprehensive of the Creator’s revelation. I don’t want Him to disclose Himself because, if He does, I’ll completely obey Him and will turn into an animal; the point of independence (“a human being”) will disappear in me. A human being is emerging in me when I am not yet sensing the Creator, but rather when I am searching for His image to set an example of bestowal and build it within me. In order to do that, I have to get a model and obtain the power to form this property without His pressure.

This is similar to the way that we act with a child where we give him a toy, but don’t help him out, thus allowing him to do his work. Moreover, we deliberately create difficulties so that he tries to cope with them on his own and learn. We enjoy watching his effort and progress because this is how a child advances.

We don’t let the child know that for us, it is easy to do this job. On the contrary, we pretend that we don’t know how to do it and that we are reluctant to perform it. We play and find solutions together with the child. We do it to provide him with a working space, give him a chance to apply effort, and uncover the reality out of the darkness. We don’t find solutions for him; he has to find them on his own.

Even if we are willing to help him and provide the explanations he needs, we shouldn’t do it before he totally explores his own opportunities to find the right answer. If he seeks our help, it means that he has a painful, tangible, and essential question. He already tried everything he could and nothing worked. Only in this case do we help him and replenish what he couldn’t attain because of his nature.

If he applies much effort and understands that he is unable to do it on his own, he eventually prepares his desire and sets up his mind for our clarifications and assistance, that is, input from a level that is higher than his. This “addition” makes him a human being. However, if I reveal everything to him before he applies his own effort, then my explanations won’t create anything worthy or new for him either in his desires or in his mind.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/10, “What is the Advantage that There is in Work Which is More than the  Reward”

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