He Who Gives Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanRight now we are thinking about the unity between us because we have discovered that we can reveal the Creator only inside it. I don’t want to feel myself inside the connection between us; I want to feel everyone together. And no matter what problems come to us, it’s only in order to give me the opportunity to strengthen the connection even more. Then the problems are called “a descent in order to ascend,” but we have to prepare for them.

Imagine that you have already attained the sensation of “outside yourself.” If we want this field of connection to exist between us, then inside the descents, disappointments, and efforts to stay together, we will feel that the only force that can hold us together is the Creator.

Why do we need the Creator? Why can’t we connect together on our own? In order for a connection to emerge between us, we have to reveal the inner force that hides inside us. This force does not belong to us at all, but the field of connection between us will be able to exist only if this force (the Creator) becomes revealed.

We need the revelation of the Creator because otherwise our unity will be lifeless. It will be similar to dead cells that were taken from different bodies and brought together – but where do you get the force of life? How can you breathe life into a body from outside? We don’t know how to do this. This is the force of the Creator who is inside matter and enlivens it.

You can take atoms or molecules and connect them however you want to. But where will you get the force of life in order to bring your creation to life? We are unable to do this, and will never be able to. We can connect things that are already alive, meaning, use something that’s already there.

The same thing happens to us: We can unite and create a connection, but who will bring it to life? That’s why we will demand the Creator! We are already starting to feel that this connection cannot exist without Him.

From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/10, Selected Excerpts for Yom Kippur

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