The Global Crisis Is Not Fiction

terrorism A question I received: Don’t you think that the crisis was invented by a small group of people who profited from it, while the world keeps turning around as before?

My Answer: It’s exactly the opposite. The financial crisis signifies the beginning of the global crisis in all spheres of human activity: family, education, science, arts, ecology, finances, and so on. This is why it requires a global solution: changing our attitude toward the reason and purpose of our existence from living in order to consume to consuming in order to live, and attaining the highest form of existence.

Our world manifests itself as a single whole. In such a system, all the parts are equal and dependent, and solutions have to be unified, joint, and directed toward the purpose of our world’s creation. The global nature of the world that is being revealed now compels us to become a unified society.

Manifestation of the crisis and suffering is nothing but the manifestation of incongruence between our society and unified Nature.

A question I received: What is the solution to the crisis?

My Answer: We do not know how to resolve global problems. Our mind is created to be ‘discrete,” to solve something within specific limits, concretely. Now that our society became a global village, we witness manifestations of complete interdependence and connectedness in the society, and the world becomes unpredictable to us.

We don’t know how to make calculations in this system with its unlimited number of variables, with the unlimited number of free and freely connected elements that this interconnected, global system presents. As a result, we treat life as fate, without planning or trying to examine it. The inability to perceive is accepted as a fact.

If a person comes down from the pedestal where he put himself above nature, and admits that he is under Nature’s rule, our power over nature will be revealed as a fatal illusion. Will we stop the destruction of the planet and will we manage to restore it?

The current crisis represents the search for the essence of humanity’s existence. The solution lies in humanity’s defining the purpose of its existence.

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