Being In One Intention With The Light

Every Person Has to Find His Own Teacher A question I received: It usually takes time to enter the flow of The Zohar’s text. How can we speed up this entrance?

My Answer: This depends on a person’s state. It takes me at least 20 minutes, sometimes up to 40, to begin feeling The Zohar and connecting to it, to begin working together with it in one shared breathing, floating on its waves.

One has to keep reading and wait for it to happen. But the time of preparation is not a waste. It is great work, a time when a person must have faith that The Zohar will soon be revealed to him. You already have experience and you know how it happens. You understand that all you have to do is continue and eventually some sort of connection will open up.

By virtue of this connection, we begin to feel The Zohar, to perceive it closer to us. We begin to receive a greater illumination from it as the text “plays” with us, awakening inner changes.

This takes time; the time of preparation is necessary to establish contact with the book. This time is very important and you have to be patient, giving it as long as necessary. After all, it is very important for this to happen, and one has to be certain that it definitely will happen. You have to wait for it and desire it; by so doing you will connect with the book.

Later on you will feel that it isn’t just some picture becoming clear to you, but that you are entering an ocean of sensations and inner changes. You start to experience many ascents and descents as The Zohar makes you shift to the left or the right (with regard to your spiritual sensations). You will feel very clear and drastic phenomena taking place within you and will feel how the Upper Force operates within your matter.

Throughout it all, one’s advancement lies in the fact that one waits for the study to correct him, meaning to bring him to unity, love for the neighbor, and unity with the Creator. It is for this sake that one reads and makes efforts. In that case, one moves along in one intention with the Light.

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  1. I read a piece of the Zohar and it said that at the end of correction all those who don’t walk the middle line will not be awakened and are lost. This makes me very frightened actually. I was feeling so good about the Kabbalah as you teach it because you say no soul will be lost. Does this mean that those who do not walk the middle line are not part of the 600,000 souls that are available?

    I just want to believe that God is good and even if man is bad he will still go to unity because God is all forgiving and man is stupid.

    Also I feel very selfish, self righteous and egoistic if I want to nullify myself for the sake of living for eternity. The purpose has changed (for me with this) from being for the good of the world and its people to the good only of myself because I am now (knowing this) in competition with the other people who will either enter unity or will perish.

    If they perish this is contrary to the teaching that no soul is lost.

    Am I mistaken in the above assumption? I hope so because I feel awful now. Desperate and lonely. Please answer me.

    Thank you.

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