When It Is No Longer Me

clip_image001Viewing the world correctly is called “Reflected Light,” and this is genuine bestowal. The moment we begin relating to the world with true bestowal (as opposed to egoistic kindness customary in our world), we immediately see complete perfection – an infinite world that is in harmony and eternity. We reveal this inside us, and at that instant we begin living in a perfect world.

This is a true miracle because we actually change our world by it. Moreover, it is not only the relationships between us that change, but we ourselves are the ones who change. It is not about trying to do less bad or more good. Rather, by changing ourselves, we find ourselves in an altogether different movie and begin living in a completely different way.

We are used to changing ourselves under pressure from the environment. We give to others either in order to receive more, or to avoid making enemies. However, this is simply an egoistic adaptation of giving for the purpose of feeling better.

The real change occurs when we awaken the influence of the Upper Light on ourselves for the first time. Right now we don’t even know what this is. We may occasionally feel elevated when something is suddenly revealed in our mind’s understanding or in the feelings of our heart; or on the contrary, a black cloud drifts over us and throws us down.

In this manner, before the revelation of the spiritual world (the world of bestowal), we are allowed to feel the changes that occur in us while we are still in our current state . For this reason, the Light is called “Surrounding,” since it shines to us from afar.

However, through these examples we begin to imagine genuine changes with the help of the “Light that Reforms.” And this makes something completely new out of us. It is a completely new person with a new view of the world. It is no longer me.

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