“You Shall Not Make For Yourself An Idol”

idol A question I received: Who is an “idol worshiper” in Kabbalah?

My Answer: You are! Without even realizing it, you make idols every minute out of thin air.

If you don’t connect everything that happens to you with One force, called “The One, Unique, and Indivisible,” if you don’t always attribute everything to one cause and consider everything else besides it just a manifestation of that One force, then you are engaged in worshiping.

For example, your wife says something unpleasant to you. You have to realize that this came from the Creator and she is just a puppet demonstrating the Creator’s attitude toward you in this manner. If, on the contrary, you relate everything to her, then you are “making an idol.” You have to relate to the Creator through her rather than relating this to her. There have to be two components here.

We should understand that the director of this play is the Creator, and He presents Himself to us in this manner deliberately so we would unify all the different and opposite manifestations of Him into one form and one Source: the Creator. However, this is only possible under the condition that you use the whole world in order to connect it in your perception into one, and to tie it to one Source.

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  1. As its written, “all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made”. So my question is: idols don’t exist for one who has the Creator always before him with Him around him and in him because you’re always in constant communion, and relationship with Him the Creator? And being in this constant awareness of the Creator doesn’t leave room for idols does it?

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