Beware Of Joining A Gathering Of Clowns

Kabbalah and the Earthly Sciences When we unite into a group in order to study Kabbalah, we have to check every minute: why are we getting together, for what purpose, why are we coming together and putting in effort? We must always be fearful and vigilant to make sure we don’t suddenly “turn into a gathering of egoists (clowns) instead of a group of Kabbalists.”

The most important thing is for the group to be dominated by the spiritual love for friends rather than material love. In a world that is interested in material things, there have been and are many groups that talk about love for friends: the Bolsheviks, robbers, and fighter units are all united by a goal. However, a group of Kabbalists differs from other groups because:

1) It sets a spiritual goal, which means that each member must nullify himself in regard to the others and attain love for the neighbor, through which the Creator will be revealed;

2) Only the Creator can execute this connection between us; we cannot achieve it on our own.

Each person includes everyone else. Due to the inclusion of everyone in each other, each person multiplies his force by the number of friends, and then, each person in the group uses the multiplied force to tune into everyone else and thus he multiplies his force again, squaring it. Thus, the general force of the group is increased progressively until we achieve such a need for the force of unity that can reveal the Upper Light, the Creator.

This demands unceasing attention, because as soon as one loses this attitude, one immediately and automatically returns to the dominion of one’s egoistic nature and falls into a gathering of egoists (clowns). And then he has nothing to hope for, since instead of the elixir of life, he immediately becomes filled by the potion of death, as it is written: “The Upper Light (Torah) can be an elixir of life or a potion of death.”

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