A Drama Unfolding Inside You As You Read The Book Of Zohar

russia2 You have to imagine Noah inside you, and opposite him, a world full of sinners. Both of these qualities are inside you. The Creator tells Noah, the quality of bestowal, how to hide in the ark, the quality of Bina, bestowal. Hiding inside Bina means completely cancelling yourself opposite its quality of bestowal, like an embryo inside a mother. The Creator gives instructions to the Noah in you as to how this quality can survive and grow. You have to build an ark so all the species, all the parts of your Kli, would be able to enter inside. You have to take upon yourself the power and reign of the quality of bestowal, Bina, so it will reign inside you 100%. It will be opposed by all your egoistic qualities, which will increase and rise all around you (inside you), as the waters of the flood, a force of annihilation. If you stay inside Bina for a certain number of days, then you will be born thereafter! You will come out into a new world!

This is a tremendous job that has to be done by Noah, a tiny quality that has a small aspiration for Bina, bestowal. But by means of the flood and the huge work of having to stay inside of Bina, he will grow. He builds himself on account of the sinners that remain outside. Then he comes out, stepping onto new ground, and begins to multiply on all levels: the still, vegetative, animate and human levels inside him, as well as all their qualities. This is how a new world begins!

All his qualities that drowned in the ocean, in the waters of the flood, will have to be brought back and corrected later on. But for now they don’t exist for him and are not expressed in any way. They will come alive again later on.

Try to write your own novel inside of you. As you imagine all of these things, don’t forget that “There is None Else Beside Him.” Envision yourself, the group, and the whole world, which seems external to you, but in reality it is all inside of you. The most important thing is not to get confused and to hold on to one picture. We are always talking about one state, but describing it in different colors. You create a picture out of it, then a symphony, and then a story, but they all describe the same state.

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