Take A Journey To The World Of Spiritual Sensations

sensations A question I received: Where exactly should I invest my effort when I remain insensitive to The Zohar?

My Answer: At first we have to artificially evoke feelings inside us, because our job is made easier by anything that can influence our ego. This is why preparation, group work, and the mutual guarantee are essential. The entire Book of Zohar is written in this group-like manner.

Impressions don’t come on their own; you have to fight for them, because that is how you will be able to take part in this fascinating journey. It rejects you, but you keep entering it over and over again many times; you enter and exit it at every single moment. This is what our work is all about: you push through while you are being pushed away!

Just imagine that all of your friends sitting next to you are experiencing these inner vibrations of The Book of Zohar, while you are not! This is because you are neglecting your friends. You have to want to unite with them! The Creator acts within them regardless of whether they realize it. Everything depends on you, on how much you enter them and find the revelation of the Creator in the unity with your friends. Meanwhile, they may not even suspect that this is happening.

You have to fight for the realization of the need to reach this. You have to artificially awaken yourself from point zero, until you become “wound up,” just like you try to start up a car until the engine finally ignites. This is how you should examine yourself, or to be more precise, you examine the way the Creator has made you. Try to approach yourself in different ways, carefully and with understanding, as if you are studying an unfamiliar animal that keeps showing its different sides to you and every time you need to approach it in a new way.

However, in this case nothing works except for your desire and the understanding that you need this. All the theory, explanations, and graphs are behind you. Now, by studying The Zohar, we are entering the world of spiritual sensations. Later, once we start feeling it, we will turn to our mind once again and begin analyzing our sensations. But for now we do not yet have the sensations, like an infant who cannot speak because he does not understand what he is feeling.

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