The Secret Of Genuine Love

critical A question I received: What is the secret of love for friends that the science of Kabbalah is talking about? The whole world says that we have to love each other, but instead we just hate each other.

My Answer: The secret is that by properly working in a Kabbalistic group, a person begins to reveal the truth: that he does not love his neighbor, and even hates him. Before making this revelation, he used to think that he loved everyone and he truly believed this. But now he sees that he is the greatest hater, and he would destroy everyone around him if he could. This is called the revelation of evil, and it is a big step on the path of correction.

This realization comes on its own as a consequence of Kabbalah studies and self-scrutiny. A person studies the qualities with which he was created, the same qualities about which it is written, “I created the evil inclination.”

We have to put in a lot of effort in order to understand what kind of world we exist in. This is the springboard for making the leap upward. When I understand with what qualities I was created, the only thing left for me to do is complain and ask for correction from “the Master who created me.”

The Creator does not hide the fact that He deliberately created us this way so we would realize our evil. A person must first understand that he personally suffers from his hatred toward others and loses out greatly because of it. He is then gripped by fear about what will happen to him in this world and the world to come. However, gradually, under the influence of the Light that Reforms, he begins to understand how valuable the quality of bestowal is, since it gives him freedom.

He begins to prefer spirituality over all the material things. He wants to become giving and loving and to come out of his egoism – to come out of his dungeon! For the time being, he wants this for himself, so he would feel better, but at least he already wishes to become free from his egoistic desire.

For this purpose, he unites with others, and in regard to this goal, they are already called Kabbalists rather than a gathering of egoists. Together they reveal that they are powerless to change anything; they need a third component, the Upper Force, the Creator, the Light of Correction.

The Lights stirs them up like a boat in a stormy sea, and the whole group unites in such a way that it begins to react together, synchronously, by interacting with each other in common harmony (either positive or negative). The Light then begins to influence each person much more powerfully, since its influence is increased in the group, as if it passes through an amplifier.

In this manner they come to a realization that they will not manage without the Creator, the Light that Reforms. Then the whole group reaches a willingness to unite as one person with one heart in order to reveal the Creator.

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