You Are Invited To The First Virtual Kabbalah Congress!

inter A question I received: You said that a person’s success at achieving correction depends on his inclusion in the group. On January 22-24 there will be an international virtual Kabbalah Congress. Congresses will be held all over the world in different countries at the same time. Anyone is invited, including those who study alone over the internet. This is an opportunity for them to join the local groups. What can you say to those who are now trying to decide whether they should attend the Congress?

My Answer: A person cannot sit home alone at this time, without making en effort to unite with other people who study Kabbalah. If he does, he will lose a lot. This Congress is especially intended for bringing people together who are located in remote locations. Now is the best time to unite with others in your country or city, and to meet other people like you who are working on spiritual development. During the Congress, you can meet them.

A virtual connection is a good thing, but a physical connection is necessary. It’s not a coincidence that we are living in the material world. The physical connection serves as the beginning for developing all subsequent spiritual connections.

During the Congress I will be in Italy, presenting a new book. I am not inviting you to come to the Congress in Italy, which will be exclusively local. Instead, try to organize local Congresses at the same time in other places worldwide.


  1. I would love to find others in my community who might be interested in getting together to form a group, in order to “attend” the Virtual Congress, but… how do I go about meeting these people? I don’t know anybody in my community who studies with Bnei Baruch. How can I find these people?

    Sherry A.
    Kennewick, WA

  2. I live in Rio vista, Texas near Fort Worth/ Dallas, Texas. How do I find my local group? Thanks, Kim

  3. Hi Friends!

    If you live in the Toronto area in Canada, the Toronto Group welcomes you to connect to the Virtual Congress taking place January 22nd – 24th with us!!!

    For more information, please contact us via email at or by telephone 416.840.5487.

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