The Right Approach To Every Problem In Life

problems A person that advances spiritually has to understand that all the problems he encounters on the spiritual path come from Above. Problems are given to us on different levels and they can be of different types. This depends on the specific soul and what it needs to go through to reach correction.

We shouldn’t analyze why we receive the particular problems that we do. We will never be able to understand them while being on their level. We have to ascend above them, as if we’re not paying attention to them, and think only about the spiritual goal. On the path to the goal, sometimes we have to overcome a river, sometimes a fissure in a cliff, sometimes an abyss, and sometimes a cyclone. By overcoming the obstacles for the sake of reaching the goal, we turn them into help and build the goal precisely out of them!

None of the obstacles come to us by coincidence. They are all determined by the qualities of one’s soul. The soul is broken and its breakage determines the type of problems that become revealed in order for us to correct them.

If you aspire to the spiritual goal despite all the obstacles, then you correct them and they become filled with knowledge, understanding and connection. This is how a person advances. But the path is always paved with obstacles and this will continue until the very end of correction. That is why it is called “the path of correction.”


  1. Dear Rav, I understand fully about the obstacles that come our way in order for us to reach spirituality. My question is the following: Are the obstacles earthly, corporeal or are they something else?

  2. In a recent preparation lesson you mentioned having to let go of the past and to start with a new attitude and a new level and new foundation.

    1. How does one get rid of the past when it seems to stick to you?
    2. How do I avoid building on the ‘same foundation’?

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