A Human Being’s Head Must Be Higher Than The Body

titles.jpg We have done enough work throughout history to reveal the evil; now is the best time to reveal the medicine, which is the greatness of unity and our rising above the material world. But in order to do this, we have to realize that there is nothing higher than our spiritual goal, and our whole former development was aimed precisely at this.

All the problems in our lives come from the Creator in order to urge us to come out of our animate state. In this world we are no different from animals, whose head is on the same level as the body. What does my head think about? It thinks only about the body, and therefore the body and the head are on the same level. So are we humans or animals who walk upright? By making all of these discernments, we come closer to the goal, because we gain a greater understanding of what we lack.

“There is none else besides Him,” and we have to justify Him because everything that happens is in order to advance us towards the goal. What is important to us is to become humans instead of remaining animals. This can be done only by raising our heads higher, and to do this, we need the force of the Creator, who controls our nature. Otherwise we will remain within our egoism.

This is why the Creator constantly sends us troubles so that we will wish to come out of the evil! He pushes us, helping us to rise! Otherwise, we would never wish to become human – perfect and eternal creatures. We would simply continue to be submersed in self-love just to somehow make it through the 70 years or so allotted to us, according to the principle, “Let’s drink and be merry today, for tomorrow we’ll die.”

Instead, we are not given a chance to rest and we are constantly sent troubles, which makes us think about how to cope with the hopelessness. At this point the science of Kabbalah becomes revealed, and it explains that we have all the means (the group, the teacher, and the books) in order to advance. Don’t be fatalists – strive for correction, and you will rise to a wonderful state.

In essence, this is a very easy task. The only reason this is so hard for us is that we don’t want to raise our heads from our feeding rack. We are afraid to tear away from it, to tear away from our stomachs. However, today we are being compelled to do this by the global crisis that is hitting us. The way people are thinking is changing, although it takes time to move such a huge mass of people.

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