Everything, Even The Spiritual World And The Creator, Is Inside You

everythinginside A question I received: Why can’t we perceive the spiritual realm?

My Answer: We don’t possess the spiritual qualities through which we would be able to feel the spiritual realm. We have the desire to do so, but that desire senses spirituality through receiving and absorbing, whereas spiritual perception is based on bestowal, a quality we don’t have. But our goal is to obtain it.

We have to model ourselves after the Creator – something that exists outside of us. We don’t know Him or anything about Him. We can only transform ourselves into a being that is somewhat similar to Him; then we will begin to sense ourselves as giving creatures. This is what it means to attain spirituality.

Spirituality is the “form” of bestowal that we build within ourselves. This “form” is what we call the Creator and what we attain through our soul in the spiritual world. No one except me can create this form, since we do not feel anything outside of ourselves Kabbalists tell us: “Curtail your current self, reduce your desires, and then use them for the sake of giving rather than receiving.”

Have you managed to do that? If yes, what do you feel now? Our new perception is called “the spiritual world,” the “Creator,” or “the soul.” We still don’t feel a thing outside ourselves, but simply sense your desire in its new form; this is what is called the “spiritual realm.”

Is there anything outside of us that created our desire? We don’t know the answer to that question, but we do know that our “external” desires are also perceived through our inner desires and never through anything that’s outside of us.

We can perceive either the physical reality or the spiritual one, but in either case we can only perceive anything through its matter and form. So there is no difference in the way we perceive either world. We imagine that this physical world exists outside of us, but in fact it is inside. Similarly, we will later imagine that the Creator and the spiritual worlds exist outside of us, but they too are inside. It’s simply a matter of our desire assuming a new shape, a new image, or a new silhouette.


  1. Greetings;

    You keep saying that the whole world and physical and spiritual realms are inside of us. Even the Creator is inside of us. What is the “us” or the “me” you often so refer to? Is it our physical bodies? Our mind or thoughts? Who is this “me” or this “I”?

    Secondly, you profess to be a Kabbalist and have some attainment of the spiritual world. Has this changed your life any for the better? Has this changed or benefited the world into a better place? Or is this just some personal benefit that you gain(only your own spiritual growth or awareness) by applying the methods of Kabbalah? I thought the whole idea and premise of Kabbalah is to benefit the whole instead of just the self. This world is still in a big mess.

  2. Greeting
    You say we have to model ourselves after the Creator,and you also say that it is something out of us.My question is -How do I model myself to something or someone I dont know,(We dont know Him or anything about Him).
    Lastly is it possible for a living-man to rid himself of all egoistic feelings and be total bestowal.If so then why did the Creator created all this good things for us.Is it not the same as receiving for the Creator since He exists inside of us?

    Fikile Zulu

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