Turn Your Reality Into Malchut Of The World Of Infinity

true When reading The Zohar, we encounter names such as Jacob, Esau, Abraham and Noah, but if we interpret them through our previous notions about the Torah, seeing it as a historical tale, then we will be completely confused and will entirely misunderstand what The Zohar is talking about. We have to go into an empty vacuum in outer space where there is no earth and nothing that ever took place there; all of it had only seemed real to us. Time, motion and space are an illusion which only exists in our imagination. We think that something existed thousands of years ago, and that we are now doing archeological excavations of it; we are even finding bones as proof of its existence. Yet, all of this exists only in our perceptions, which we call reality.

However, now we want to rise to the right understanding – to see the desire which contains Reshimot (informational genes). This is what we want to research, instead of the archaeological excavations.

I want to see this entire world inside my desire, since that is the only place where it really exists. I have to shift to perceiving the true reality instead of an imaginary one. I want to see the people around me as various forms or images inside my desire, instead of the physical bodies that appear before me. I want to see how all of reality – even the Creator – is contained inside my desire. Then my reality will be called Malchut of the World of Infinity.

I have to unite everything into one, since everything is contained inside one desire. The reason I see different images, actions, and movement across time and space (both in spiritual and material time and space) is because the Light, the Creator, is operating inside my desire. In this manner, gradually, step by step, he leads me to the true understanding of His actions.

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