Change The Movie Of Your Life To A Better One

ourThere is no such thing in existence as a rigidly defined reality, because all of reality depends on us. This is the first lesson we have to learn. The picture you perceive, see and live in is simply a movie that is being played to you, but you cannot get up and leave. You are used to it; you’ve lived in it since you were born and you sense it as your life, as if it’s real.

However, one day you find that you have become terribly bored with this movie because your desires have evolved or the suffering that is being shown to you has become unbearable and you crave to rise above it and see something else, some other movie. You long to change the movie. At this point, you are told: “It’s possible! You already know that your life is only a movie that’s being shown to you, so let’s go to another theater and see a different movie.” That’s when you really start to realize that everything you considered to be your life was simply a projection on the screen.

Kabbalists teach us that unless we reveal spirituality and gain the ability to see other movies, we won’t understand that we are only dreaming. Sometimes we feel the same way while we are asleep: you’re sleeping and are worried about something in your dream, but you get the impression that this is real life, as if you will stay in the dream forever. That is exactly what is happening to you right now – you are asleep!

Kabbalists, those who have made the transition to another reality, tell you: “You are asleep and are watching a dream. Rise above it, wake up!” Let’s hope that the alarm clock will ring now and we’ll jump out of bed and find ourselves in another movie.


  1. Dear Rav, the above CHANGE THE MOVIE OF YOUR LIFE….was the most instructive way to explain the real reality and the way you explained really caught my attention. I understand it very well, the movie in which we are in and we don’t like, the movie projector,our dream life in which we think it is real in the actual dream, etc. My only desire now is to be in the “real life “or true reality by continuing to study Kabbalah. I can almost taste it. Thanks once again for this blog.

  2. I understand your example of change the movie. However, how do you know what movie to change to, since there are so many choices? First, how do you change the movie? Could you explain the process?

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