Reveal The World Of Desires

balance At the lecture yesterday, someone asked me, “How should I act towards the people around me if everything exists inside me?” The problem is that there is the actuality and there is what we desire. The actuality is what we feel and sense, according to the principle, “A judge has no more than what his eyes can see.” This is what we should use to evaluate everything in our world and to act accordingly. In this world, the only ones that act are myself and the people around me

The desired is what we will discover in the future, in ourcorrected qualities. In that world we will be united with the environment and the Creator. We learn that there exists another reality where everything is perceived inside us and nothing is perceived outside of us. However, all of this is still unreal for us for now. It’s possible that everything we imagine as the picture of the future is actually nothing like it. We don’t realize just how much our life will change. It’s not that our world will not change in some way; rather, a completely new world will emerge.

Therefore, when we read The Book of Zohar, we have to tear away from everything that is familiar to us and try to immerse ourselves in this book, as if going inside it. When we read The Book of Zohar and we am in it, then we really live within it.

For now we cannot exist in two worlds simultaneously. For the time being, we are able to be only in one. Therefore, we tune out of this material reality and try to build another picture, like a child who wants to be grown-up. The child wants to be an adult in all aspects, such as in the clothing he wears, the way he acts, and the way others see him. He wants everyone to treat him like an adult.

In the same manner we need to imagine in all our senses and in all our fantasies that The Zohar is talking about our new world, in which we are situated. In other words, it is talking about our inner qualities in which we exist and in which we see a new reality. This “game” brings about the influence of the Light that Reforms, and then that new world is revealed.

It is not that a new world is revealed and the old one disappears, and we fly off into the sky. Rather, we reveal that we are living in desires; namely, two desires – ours and the Creator’s, which become revealed one against the other inside us. We feel them and exist between them as the middle line, which is our “I.” There is nothing except this; we exist between two forces.

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