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attainrevelation A question I received: If a person has a serious illness, is bankrupt, and is having problems with his marriage, will all of this be fixed as soon as he enters the spiritual world? After all, we learn that all of this suffering is given to a person in order for him to correct himself. Otherwise, how would he ever be able to say that the Creator is Good and does Good?

My Answer: If the Creator is revealed to you, then you will say that He is Good and does Good. For example think of the tremendous suffering that Rabbi Akiva had to endure during his agonizing death, yet he still blessed the Creator. This is not a legend about a martyr, but a true state which each of us can experience – to suffer yet not feel the suffering.

“The Creator is revealed” means that I reveal the quality of bestowal in myself, above the egoistic desires. Along with all of my suffering, I am immersed in an ocean of goodness. Otherwise, how can I bless the Creator?

Our egoistic desires will never be fulfilled. The first restriction (Tzimtzum Alef) will never be annulled. We can only receive fulfillment inside different desires – the Kelim of bestowal which we build above our desire to enjoy.

Question cont’d: But in these Kelim, will I feel full or hungry?

My Answer: You will feel full, like a guest that receives pleasure from the fact that the Host is receiving pleasure from you. But are you receiving pleasure? No! That “you” which you are asking about today, the egoistic you, will never receive pleasure!

Another “you” – the corrected you, the one that receives pleasure from the Host’s enjoyment, will receive pleasure. But that egoist that just wanted to eat won’t receive anything!

Question cont’d: So will I be full or not?

My Answer: Yes, you will be!

Question cont’d: But how?

My Answer: By building new types of desires inside you and thereby becoming 613 times fuller! However, this pleasure won’t be felt in your former desires.

This is something we don’t understand yet. It constitutes the difference between being in this world and in the world to come. However, this will come.

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  1. I know that feeling, it’s like you’re seeing a movie with the sound off, you are there, you see it around you, but you feel it’s nothing to do with you.
    You feel light, free and quite calm.
    I remember that i had a car crash, i went unharmed, and still i blessed the Creator. It may sound you strange, but Mr Laitman is right, and i must mention that when you build yourself in the image of the Creator, words are not enough to describe the experience.

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