Perceiving The World Through The Quality Of Bestowal

Laitman_2009-11_8708 All our perception is built on sensations of this world. All the products of our imagination are derivatives of our sensations, and we will never be able to imagine anything that has no connection to our former experiences.

Even if we were to try to imagine an animal from a different planet, the image will still be based on something with which we are familiar. It is impossible to imagine something that has no analogue in our sensations. Our actions always arise from them and we are limited by them.

We are prisoners of our sensations, but today, even scientists are discovering that on a practical basis, everyone needs to change their perception of the world.

We currently perceive this world inside the quality of reception, but we have to acquire the quality of bestowal and perceive the world from that perspective – not in the imagination, but in actual perception. This new perception will be the spiritual world.

Our attitude should be pragmatic and practical, since Kabbalah is a practical teaching which is in no way connected to abstract philosophical concepts.


  1. It’s very interesting! Such teaching allow us imply that for to have good thoughts we should feel good.

  2. How do we emerge from prison of sensations, thoughts(desires) and our five senses ?

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